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Hey beauties,

Lets talk deets. I am here to spill all the tea on one of the greatest things I’ve done! Y’all have seen me post about it on my stories and I’m here to answer all your questions about my Lips and Botox! You know I am absolutely in love with Johnson Dermatology and I can’t wait to show you all how perfect their work is. I did 28 units of Botox and one full syringe of Juvederm Ultra. Then at my two week appointment we did a touch up on my Botox and lips as well so add a few more units into that equation. Best part, Johnson was kind enough to give you babes a deal! All you have to do is say that I sent you and you can get your Botox for $10 a unit and $100 off of your lip until the end of May! You can schedule yourself a free consultation that ladies will get you all set up!

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Deets on what I had done

Like I stated before, I did 28 units of Botox and one full syringe of Juvederm Ultra. We also did a lip flip! Which is adding Botox above my upper lip to prevent a gummy smile. Then at my two week appointment we did a touch up on my Botox and lips as well so add a few more units into that equation. We did Botox on my forehead, in the middle of my brows, and then my crows feet around my eyes! A major factor in why I chose Johnson Dermatology is because they are more focused on your end results than a “number” of units. Everyone is different, and that’s why their free consultations are so helpful! And know that at your two week appointment they will ensure you are happy with your results at no extra cost! The goal is to make you look and feel wonderful, so don’t get hung up on the number of units! 

The importance of prevention

I am 25 and will be 26 in July.  A lot of you were asking what made me decide to get Botox at 25. Lots of reasons, after having Josephine I could tell my skin was changing, majorly. Since I have been pregnant and nursing the last 2.5 years I have not been able to use retinol and it was showing! Nina at Johnson Dermatology explained it the best when she said “imagine folding a fresh piece of paper over and over again. The paper eventually will crease and there will be a line”.  Now try and smooth that crease out of the paper and make it new again, like mint condition new. A lot harder than you thought it would be? Botox at 25 is preventative! It prevents the lines from forming. Preventing the wrinkles from forming is a lot easier than trying to erase them in the future with corrective methods. Essentially, preventing the paper from folding over prevents the crease that was hard to smooth out. 

Pain level

It did not hurt at all! I did not feel a single thing. Now let me preface this with everyone has different pain tolerances, so keep that in mind. However, for me Botox was a breeze and I didn’t feel a thing. Johnson’s team uses a vibrating tool and tapping method to keep you distracted while they inject. For my lips they numbed me up with a cream and I didn’t feel a thing! Same drill they used some distractions and Nina was talking to me the entire time. But I was so numb I didn’t feel a thing at all. The numbing lotion they put on my lips lasted even a little bit after I left my appointment! 

How long it will last

This was another big question a lot of you were curious about. This is different for everyone and since this is my first time with both we shall see! However, generally Botox will last 3 to 6 months. Now for the lips, Juvederm can last up to 12 months. Once again this is different for every person and there are a few factors that go into that! The lip filler is Hyaluranic acid and as it breaks down in your lips it creates collagen, building up your own collagen in your lips which still gives you a fuller look naturally. This all being said I have a three month appointment set up to reevaluate where we are and what touch ups or injections I will need at that time. As far as what happens when it wears off, no your face will not just suddenly drop, wrinkles attack, and lips deflate. This is a slow progression and slowly you will begin to notice it is time for another round. However, your face will not be worse off after! You just prevented your face from creating wrinkles for 3 to 6 months so you should look great and your skin will only improve each time you do it.

I want to get it done but look natural, is this possible?  

YES!! This was one of my biggest concerns as well, and the answer is absolutely yes! The key to a youthful but not frozen look is your injector and how it is administered. First off, when you walk into Johnson Dermatology take a good look at their staff. They have been injected and are GORG, no one looks over done. They are a direct reflection of Dr.Sandy and Nina’s work, they all look youthful but not frozen. For myself I still have movement in my forehead and can make all the faces I did prior to Botox, they just don’t include ripples of wrinkles when I make them now. For your lips you can absolutely get a little plump with half a syringe and still look natural. I did an entire syringe and still feel like they look natural! 

Why I choose Johnson Dermatology and the factors YOU need to consider when selecting an injector

BABES! This is your FACE. This is not something to take lightly. So choosing an injector is incredibly important, I can’t stress this enough! I have been going to Johnson Dermatology for all my skin care needs from acne, to scars, and regular skin check ups since we moved from Oklahoma three years ago. So, I was familiar with their facility and their customer service. They are a top of the line facility, professional, clean, and thorough. Their facility is one of the largest laser centers and they are one of the top 200 injectors in the country! Customer service wise, I never have a long wait EVER! They truly take their time assessing your needs. I have even taken Josephine once, for a spot on her leg, and they were so sweet with her and really listened to my concerns. All of this to say that I knew when it came time to choose an injector I would go to Johnson  because I was fully confident in the care I would receive. Now there is a MAJOR difference in care and skill. When looking for an injector, go to the FREE consultation. Look at their office, their staff, their facility! Ask them how often they inject. There is a science to injecting but there is also an ART! You want someone who is not only medically trained but an expert in the art of preserving your youth. If it is somewhere that runs a monthly injection day, do you think they are as skilled as someone who does this every single day, several times a day? Also ask them about their Botox and ask to see their labels. When Nina injected me she took the label off of the exact bottle and attached it to my sheet and this way they can track every batch and bottle. But it also shows me what exactly they mixed! When she showed me the bottle of unmixed Botox I could barely see any powder in it! But they mix the Botox with saline before injecting it. This is something you should be asking an injector, how do they mix their Botox! You know those horror stories of “watered down” Botox, this happens because it is up to the injector to draw up the Botox. Nina exceeded my expectations when looking for an injector. She is thorough and truly passionate about what she does and it is evident in her work and the care she gives to clients. After being injected on Friday she carried a cosmetic cell phone after hours where I could reach her anytime via text or call with any questions or concerns I had when it came to my aftercare. Her cosmetic nurse Margaret emailed me Monday right away to check in and see how I was doing. Their after care is phenomenal and truly put me at ease knowing that they were truly invested in my well being after injections.  They even have a laser available to you after injections for bruising. I was injected Friday and by Monday only had a tiny bruise so I didn’t feel the need for the laser but it is there for you if you need it!

Progression of heeling, pain and bruising 

The very first day after injections everything was perfectly fine! No soreness or issues. Day two I had a little bruise on my lips, woke up slightly swollen and tender but nothing that bothered me. My injection sites on my forehead were a little tender from the Botox as well. By day three I had no tenderness and the swelling had gone down. I had a little bruise that took 4 days to go away fully but not even enough for me to want to go in and get it lasered.

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Babes, if this is something you have ever thought of doing take it from me and do it! I have loved my results and I wish I would have gone sooner. Don’t forget you have until the end of May to book your free consultation and take advantage of the discounted prices!

As always you can comment below, email me, or message me any questions you have!











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