QT Ideas In The Middle Of Your Ordinary


Listen boos,

Life is hectic and insanely crazy at times, throw kids in and there are some days I blink and the day is already over. I have been there, I feel you! Especially as new parents Bradley and I made the mistake of losing ourselves to the shuffle. Those first few months with Josephine we poured ourselves into her and forgot about date nights and quality time. Sure Josephine was in bed by 7pm and we had a few hours together but we didn’t spend that time investing into each other! We’ve really had to dive deep, put our marriage first, and pour into one another amidst the daily grind.  That’s when the importance of QT with the hubby became a priority. And you don’t even have to leave the house! Life is always going to get busy, the kids are always going to have endless needs, and there are days where you forget your own name. These are variables we can’t change. BUT what you can do is simply implement these five things to keep that flame burning! 

Fairly Sweet


Fair Fun. Honestly if we are keeping it 100 the thought of the fair is fun for me. Every year I fantasize about that moment when that sweet Godly goodness of cotton candy meets my lips. But then reality slaps me in my face. The crowds, the insane amount germs, the copious amounts of sweat pouring because its still 100 in Arkansas. Ya feel me? It’s truly a love hate relationship, the fair and I. Maybe that’s why it is only once a year, they give ya a year to forget the insanity of it. And a year to long for the sweet moments tossled in there. Bradley is the fun parent, thank heavens Josephine has him to take her on all the rides. She had the greatest time, all she could say was “can we go again, please again?!” and so they did over and over making memories. It was truly sweet.

My dress is from HERE, it’s currently 60% off! Josephines two piece outfit is from HERE. I will say this, both aren’t steller quality. Like your not going to get a hundred wears out of each piece. More for cute pics, an event, night out. These aren’t closet staples they are inexpensive pops of fun!

Photography is by Brooke Sloan who knocked it out of the park.

Josephine has two different color eyes! It sure is one of our fav things to look at.

Hope you all make lots of memories this fair season!




Randy Rogers Rapid Fire


Kind people are my kind of people. These are words to live by, and Randy Rogers Band surpasses this. I was blown away with how incredibly humble and kind every single person was. From the moment we walked onto the bus the band and crew were so inviting. Their team is one of the best, 17 years and the same 5 guys who wholeheartedly love what they are doing, a group of lifers in the music scene. Their new album Hellbent which was released in April is making it’s way into everyone’s speakers, check out a couple of my favorites “Anchors Away” and “You, Me and a Bottle”.

Saturday Night Vibes


Hey Loves,

Don’t we all wish that Mondays felt like Saturday nights? I absolutely love live music and dancing the night away, which is why I am so excited about The Majestic coming to Fort Smith. Perfect Saturday night gathering spot. This venue is bringing lots of amazing bands, good times, and you better believe you’ll be spotting me dancing the night away. If you can stand still and listen to music I’m not sure we can be friends, hah! I went this past Saturday to see Flatland Calvary, which is one of my current fav bands right now. Their new album “Homeland Insecurity” is gold, check out the song Old School, it’s my top pick. Also on their older Album “Humble Folks” the song One I want is literally what makes babies. They had a killer show! Fav part was when their fiddle player, Wesley Hall, totally surprised us with his voice and sang a song. It was a blast to see them all vibe so well as we jammed out.

Stoney LaRue at Choctaw Casino


Live music is one of my ALL time favorite things in life. Truly, I could sit and listen to an artist for hours. I love watching pure talent and relentless passion pouring out across the stage as it fills a venue. It’s like a marvelous ear piercing title wave that crashes over you, consumes you, and fuels a good night! One of my all time favorite venues to catch a great band is Gilleys, which is located in the Choctaw Casinos in Pocola. Bradley and I love to go and listen to great music, enjoy drinks, and play a few slots or table games with our friends! I promise you can find us dancing at a concert at least once a month there! We love live music, it’s our thing.

The Stoney LaRue concert was just that and more, an opportunity to witness authentic talent and have a great night. Bradley and I enjoyed the show, danced to our favorite songs, and loved getting to hang out with Stoney and the band. Stoney was a rock star, dedicated to his music and fans, and passionate about his sweet pup blue. He was opinionated in his conversations, and authentic in his discussions. His bass player Keith Hanna, better known as Kiko, was a true gem. His peaceful and welcoming presence truly radiates amidst a group. He is one of those people that can captivate a conversation with his eagerness to get to know you; it was a refreshing breath of genuine kindness. 

The Best Way To Staycay


Sometimes a break from routine is EXACTLY what we need, especially for us parents and couples! Bradley and I have never left Josephine before, which in itself is stressful. So, mommas I feel you! But we have made it a point to devote some time to focus on us this year as a couple. I was looking for a great staycation option that would allow us to be close to home, just in case Josephine needed us, or if I couldn’t handle being away from her for long. That’s when I found Choctaw Casinos & Resorts- Pocola. And Y’all this was a gem! 30 minutes from home and we felt like we were somewhere new! It was absolutely perfect! img_0035

Fantasy Never Competes With Reality


I woke up to the sweetest message from a follower who wanted to tell me how she wishes to one day have a perfect marriage and perfect husband like I have. It was so kind of her to sing her praises over my marriage and life, however, I thought gosh if she only knew! Y’ALL my life, my marriage, my world is far from perfect. And I mean FAR from it. Some days I feel like I crushed it and then others I think Jesus take the wheel real quick because I am fixing to wreck into a brick wall.

Here is the deal folks. We live in a world where people post their “highlights” of their life and marriage. Sweet snapshots of their husbands gifts, love notes, and perfectly placed kisses plaster our screens. While we all have these moments we also have the gritty moments too. No one is posting¬† picture of themselves mid disagreement. Hold on honey let me selfie this so I can post how today I asked you to change your clothes, per my germaphobe issues, before you sat on the couch and how you eye rolled at me super annoyed which set me off. Or hey real quick let me snap a pic of me trying to pick at you, which is your biggest pet peeve, and how much it sets you off. Or hey lets selfie the really deep hard times, like the moments we are not sure how to handle what life has thrown our way.

My marriage is far from perfect.

I am far from perfect. I’ll be the first to own that.

My husband is far from perfect.