Travel Life Lines


Hey babes,

Tis’ the season of lots a travel! Here are five things I keep in my diaper back pack that are LIFE! Honestly, I don’t even leave the house on a normal day without some of these items but when I travel they are even more a mamas life line.

  1. Thieves cleaner! I get mine from Beau and Bumble. I keep a small travel spray solution I mixed up in my diaper bag at all times! While in line at security I spray the bins out before we put our stuff in. Once we get through security and TSA hands me back Josephine’s cup that they have to test I spray her cup down and give it a good wipe! They wear the same gloves all day and they have those all over her drink, hard pass. Then on the plane I spray down the seats, the tray tables, the window, the seat belts, the air knobs, any surface Josephine could touch is sprayed and then I use a wipe to wipe it down.
  2. Another life line, spray hand sanitizer.  Always have this in my bag. Pre-snack hands need a quick cleaning. In the airport it’s incredibly handy. Our connection in Dallas we had to take the tram to the next gate. There are no seats you hold onto these poles and handles thousands have grasped, sprrrrayyyyy. Escalators up and down, opening and closing airport doors, sppprrraayyyyy. Get my point here? Everything you touch at the airport has been touched by thousands of people on the go!
  3.  THIS face mask is one of my favorites! I use it after the flight. Your skin gets so dry when you travel and this will bring it back to life.
  4. Tired travel eyes, puffy eyes? No problem! I use THIS to perk them up. Its one of my fav products to use every morning to bring tired eyes back to life.
  5. Stickers. ALL THE STICKERS. Josephine will sit through an entire two hour flight with all the sticker packs. Peeling them and putting them on her color book literally keeps her busy for hours. Best mom hack! I go to the dollar store and grab a few packs and we are set.
  6. Snacks! Mamas having your little one eat during take off and landing helps keep their ears from popping. When Josephine was little I would nurse her take off and landing. Now that she is bigger we have her eat snacks and drink water. Fav travel snacks that always in my bag are THIS, THIS, THIS, and THIS. Also handy to have instead of paying $20 bucks at the airport for one granola bar !
  7. I drink one of THESE before we take off and then the following day to keep from getting sick. Just in case Gina in seat 15A who was hacking up a lung the entire flights germs make you way boost that immunity.


Here’s to lots of travel germ free and with full bellies.



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