Baby Js Baby Shower

Celebrating Josephine becoming a big sister! We are just so excited for our sweet baby boy and loved showering him with our family!

We had the best time with our family showering baby J a few weeks ago. Bradely and I choose to just do immediate family. Just brothers and sisters, plus our mamas, and kiddos since COVID. Having it at The Bakery also was a great outdoor option as well! You can rent out their patio for private events. I found so many goodies for the shower sharing all the deets below 👇🏻

Josephine’s Schedule


Hey loves! Since Josephine is turning 16 months this month I thought I would answer some of my mommy questions I get a lot. One of the biggest questions I seem to be getting lately is what her schedule looks like. So below is what our day looks like. Now let me say a few things here to preface our schedule.

1) Every sweet babe is different in their own way.

2) We follow the taking Cara babies plan and have since she was born.

AND a big AND 3). schedules are a general foundation some days we are right on time and some days she is all over the place running around. I used to be so incredibly scared of “breaking” our routine or schedule. I thought if we are off our nap schedule by 10 minutes it will throw our entire day and her night off… this is not true! It took me an entire month to think about even going to music class because it “broke” our routine and I was for certain it would mess everything up. Guess what, it didn’t! So know this momma, routines are wonderful and kids thrive on structure but don’t let the routine trap you into a regimented life. Use it as a foundation for your day and if you deviate from the plan that is OKAY!