Josephine’s Schedule


Hey loves! Since Josephine is turning 16 months this month I thought I would answer some of my mommy questions I get a lot. One of the biggest questions I seem to be getting lately is what her schedule looks like. So below is what our day looks like. Now let me say a few things here to preface our schedule.

1) Every sweet babe is different in their own way.

2) We follow the taking Cara babies plan and have since she was born.

AND a big AND 3). schedules are a general foundation some days we are right on time and some days she is all over the place running around. I used to be so incredibly scared of “breaking” our routine or schedule. I thought if we are off our nap schedule by 10 minutes it will throw our entire day and her night off… this is not true! It took me an entire month to think about even going to music class because it “broke” our routine and I was for certain it would mess everything up. Guess what, it didn’t! So know this momma, routines are wonderful and kids thrive on structure but don’t let the routine trap you into a regimented life. Use it as a foundation for your day and if you deviate from the plan that is OKAY!

6:30-7:00 AM Josephine wakes up, Bradley will go and get her and bring her to bed and she will nurse for 20- 30 minutes. This is our only nursing session we have. 

7:00- 7:30 AM We make Bradley breakfast get him out the door. Josephine throws a fit when it’s time for him to leave, every morning! So we stand outside and wave bye and try anything we can to make daddy going to work smoothly.

7:30-8:00AM  Breakfast time. Josephine. Loves food! For breakfast she usually has two eggs and two sides. Usually its blueberries, grapes, yogurt, tomatoes, cheese, or waffles with peanut butter and honey. She loves her breakfast and knows the sign language for “more” and “all done” so I continue to feed her until she tells me she is done. Some mornings she has seconds some she doesn’t.

8:00- 9:00 AM Independent play. This is MAJOR for me! I have taught Josephine that she needs to play in her room by herself for an hour while I clean up breakfast and vacuum the house and make the beds. I started this very early on and it has been amazing! She reads and plays with her toys while I run around getting things done. 

9:00-10:30AM Morning nap. We read a book and I lay her in her bed awake and she will put herself to sleep.

10:30-11:30 AM This is play time, cleaning time, outside time, or learning time. If I don’t schedule a learning time it never happens. It’s 7pm and I find myself thinking “omg did I even sit with her and teach her anything today?!” So this is the hour that we work on flash cards, alphabet, colors, numbers, all of the above. Some sort of learning activity! As far as cleaning I make it a point for her to have a chore a day. Whether that be emptying the dishwasher which is her FAVORITE, switching the laundry over, using our hand held dyson to vacuum she will be doing some sort of household work to help out. Housework is fun to her right now and little does she know she is already creating a habit of cleaning and I love it because it helps her to become and independent helper in the house. 

11:30-12:30 PM We make lunch and eat. Josephine usually has left over dinner from the night before, vegan chicken nuggets, deconstructed turkey sandwich, or anything else we whip up.

12:30-1:00PM Josephine plays in her room or we go on a walk.

1:00-2:30PM Josephine’s afternoon nap.

2:30-3:30PM Play time and we try to get outside.

3:30-5:00PM Sean and Alex, my nephew and niece, get off the bus we have afternoon snack, get homework done, and play! Lots of playing. Josephine absolutely loves having them over and it’s so sweet to see them play together.

5:00-6:00PM Sean and Alex go home, Bradley gets home from work which is the greatest gift and Josephine goes to play with him while I cook dinner in silence. Moms you can all fully appreciate the glorious silence in my kitchen! It is my time to wind down and decompress from the day and Josephine gets some one on one time with daddy. 

6:00PM-6:30PM Dinner time. We have ALWAYS sat down together for dinner every night. We started this habit pre Josephine. It is easily my favorite part of the day some days. No phones, no TV, no distractions, just family time and good food.

6:30-7:00PM Josephine takes a bath, brushes her teeth, and we get ready for bed. We have the same order for bath, teeth, lotion, and PJs every night. By the time we are getting her dressed she points to her bed and says night night! She loves her own bed and knows when it is time to go to bed thanks to a good routine.

7:00PM We read a book and then she goes to bed.

Hope this schedule helps you have a foundation for your littles! If you have any questions of course just message me!




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