Cleaning with Young Living Oils


Hey babes,

If you follow me on Instagram, Christinejaxx, you saw that I got the Young Living Essential oils starter kit! I got the kit from Amanda Joy who is the sweetest oil guru EVER. Her oil Instagram is Beau & Bumble. If you are not following her you need to! She has the greatest ideas and tips for using your oils. When I was sick she was messaging me every day with ways to use my oils to feel better! She is seriously so kind and knowledgeable! Ps. At the end of this blog post she has a treat for you!

Entire Kit

Now that I have had my kit for a few weeks, I had to share my all time favorite ways to clean with it. You all know me, anything related to cleaning, I have tried it! I mean your girl loves to clean! I have tried so many different products, but oils are my favorite so far. Mainly because I know they are effective and leave my house smelling heavenly! Below are my top 5 favorite ways I use my oils when cleaning!

1. First thing I did when I got my kit was add oils to my laundry! Super simple and easy! I cut out dryer sheets about 2 years ago when I got pregnant. I did a lot of research and learned how toxic they are so I replaced them with these dryer balls from amazon. I use 4-6 balls in each load depending on size. I add 2 drops lavender and 2 drops lemon to each ball and this lasts about  3 loads. Another great dryer combo is two drops stress away and two drops lavender! You can really mix and match with your oils and give your laundry a clean, toxic free scent. I love knowing that Josephine’s clothes are safe and chemical free against her sensitive baby skin.

Dryer Balls

2. My second all time favorite tip is using my oils to clean my sink! I have talked about this a few times on my insta stories. This super simple easy trick freshens your garbage disposal and makes your kitchen smell marvelous! I love doing this before we have company over because the kitchen smells like I spent all day cleaning it. I pick either lemon, citrus fresh, or peppermint depending on my mood and do 1-2 drops in each corner of the sink and then 2 drops down the disposal. Let it sit for a minute add a pump of soap and use a brush to clean my sink, rinse it out with water, and then run the disposal for a short time. This easy 5 minute trick will have your kitchen smelling sparkling clean!

3. My third tip is another one you all have seen a time or two on my stories, gosh is there a trend here? hah! I steam my floors 1-2 times a week. Between the dogs running around and Josephine’s occasional food fights, I have found it is easiest to keep up with it every week. Plus with Josephine rolling all over the floor like shes making snow angels, I wanted to make sure everything was disinfected and clean. I use this steamer from Walmart and have for years now. Steam effectively kills 99% of germs so it is a necessity when cleaning the thing we literally trample in our house! Now for the part where you add your oils. In the canister where you measure the water to add to your steamer, I will add 2 drops of my favorite scent and my entire house smells amazing. I love using peppermint, lemon, or citrus fresh for a crisp clean smell. Ps. citrus fresh is really strong! so sometimes I will only use one drop of that. If I want to do a deep clean, which I do about once a week, I will add 3 drops of thieves and steam the house with that. I also love using lavender for a soothing smell. Once my floors are steamed my house is left with a lingering fresh scent all day!


4. Your starter kit also comes with a packet of thieves cleaner. Really I could do an entire blog post about thieves itself because I use it ALL the time! But I’ll keep it short and sweet here. I mix the packet of thieves cleaner in a 16 Oz bottle with water and go to town folks. I use these bottles from amazon. This is my all time favorite cleaner for the counter tops! I also religiously use this for anything Josephine touches. I bought the cleaner before she was born and used it to clean all her toys and still do. I also ONLY use thieves to clean her high chair and tray. With her sitting in it three times a day and eating off of it I love knowing that she is not ingesting chemicals and is safe. I also use this for cleaning out our fridge because I wanted something that was effective and would not potentially contaminate our food. Our produce is safe from harsh chemicals and our fridge is spotless, it’s a win win!!

5. My final tip is carpet freshener. If you have dogs like we do, this will be your new best friend! I used a mason jar and lid that I already had and poked holes in the top of the can but you can easily buy one already made at Walmart like this one. In a bowl I add 1 cup of baking soda and add 10 drops purification and 5 drops thieves. I use a wooden spoon to mix it together and let it sit for 20 minutes before I put it in the jar and then sprinkle it on my carpets. The oil will be settled into the baking soda, so use your spoon to press and mix it up well. Once it is sprinkled on the carpets let this sit for at least 20 minutes before vacuuming up. I generally do mine before we go to bed on our living room rug so it has all night to sit. The bedrooms I normally do during the day and let them sit for an hour before vacuuming it up. Now purification does not come in the starter kit I specifically purchased this before Josephine was born for cleaning reasons. However, another amazing carpet combo is 10 drops lavender 5 drops stress away, or 10 drops peppermint 5 drops thieves, which are included in the starter kit. This easy carpet freshener will deodorize and clean your rugs and carpets miraculously! 

I hope you enjoy trying these quick and easy tips to freshen your home! I love when you send me messages and pictures of the things I recommend! Keep them coming because I love hearing about you trying them. Amanda has been kind enough to offer all of my followers $25 off your starter kit! Eeekkk! You do not want to miss out on that. Simply message her on insta @beau&bumble or email her at to get your order in. You have until Friday October 5th to claim this offer. 

Until next time dolls,




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