Hey babes,

Where are all my girls at who come home and slip off their clothes into something comfy?! Totally guilty over here! The minute I get home the jeans come off and I am back into comfy house lounging attire. Usually a tee or sweater and panties, no britches needed! And YA’LL have I found the cutest most comfortable panties EVER! Best part is you don’t even have to shop for them, they come to you!

So here are the deets babes. The quality is AHMAZING. I was so impressed when I opened them up. They are soft, comfortable, extremely well made, and incredibly cute. If you’re like me, you don’t have time to run to the store and undie shop. Honestly, that is the last place I am thinking about when I have an hour to shop without a toddler. So when was the last time you actually treated yourself to a pantie shopping trip? The last Victoria’s Secret sale? or were they stocking stuffer gifts from Christmas last year? As busy moms, women, and boss babes it is so easy to forget to treat ourselves. Mommas this is your new best friend! And for my gals who want in on the fun this is so for you too!

BootayBag is a company that sends you either your choice of one or two panties a month. One pair is only $9 and two is $13, which is a steal! It is super simple and they do all the work for you! You pick the style and either a bag with one or two and then let them take over from there. They create and design cute sets and send them to you! Just like that at your door is a little reminder to love yourself babes. This is also the cutest gift option as well, because there is no contract for your subscription! So send someone you love a monthly gift for two months, or twelve! You decide! Men this is also a great option for you to send your gal something special. I mean, who doesn’t love when they have little packages at their front door waiting on them! Last year I told Mr. Jackson for my stocking stuffers I wanted some cute panties and he totally provided! But that included a trip to the store in the crazy Christmas rush. This year, that request will be so much easier for him to fulfill thanks to BootayBag! No more fighting for elbow room in the store just simply send the gift with one click.

Of course I have a little gift for you also! You can use code ChristineJ30 for 30% off your first months bag! So you can get two for the price of one! So here’s to treating ourselves to a bootayful day babes!




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