Caseapp cuteness


Shhhh I’m on the phone! Isn’t it mind blowing how we use our phones everyday all day?! Some more than others, but I can promise you we all keep that little piece of technology within arms reach. With my family being far away I love that Josephine gets to FaceTime with them everyday multiple times a day. When my phone rings she claps and shouts “Noni”, which is what we call my mom. It’s adorable!!

After finally upgrading my phone to the iPhone XS Max I was looking for a cute phone case. That’s when I found CaseApp! They have the cutest pre made cases that are already designed for you. OR my favorite option, you can create your own! Which I was in love with. I created two of the cutest cases and constantly switch out between the two of them. Plus selfies are way cuter with a cute case!

You can use code CHRISTINEJAXX20 on their site to save 20% off to create your own case too! Their site is incredibly user friendly and the process is simple to create them.


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