Stoney LaRue at Choctaw Casino


Live music is one of my ALL time favorite things in life. Truly, I could sit and listen to an artist for hours. I love watching pure talent and relentless passion pouring out across the stage as it fills a venue. It’s like a marvelous ear piercing title wave that crashes over you, consumes you, and fuels a good night! One of my all time favorite venues to catch a great band is Gilleys, which is located in the Choctaw Casinos in Pocola. Bradley and I love to go and listen to great music, enjoy drinks, and play a few slots or table games with our friends! I promise you can find us dancing at a concert at least once a month there! We love live music, it’s our thing.

The Stoney LaRue concert was just that and more, an opportunity to witness authentic talent and have a great night. Bradley and I enjoyed the show, danced to our favorite songs, and loved getting to hang out with Stoney and the band. Stoney was a rock star, dedicated to his music and fans, and passionate about his sweet pup blue. He was opinionated in his conversations, and authentic in his discussions. His bass player Keith Hanna, better known as Kiko, was a true gem. His peaceful and welcoming presence truly radiates amidst a group. He is one of those people that can captivate a conversation with his eagerness to get to know you; it was a refreshing breath of genuine kindness. 

Azazie Giveaway


Hey loves,

I am so excited because I have teamed up with @iheartazazie for a giveaway! We are giving away one of their mesh dresses and some travel goodies. I am so in love with this fabric, it’s perfect for travel because it is wrinkle resistant! I am wearing the Darcy style in the color pearl, which is the same color my bridesmaids wore at my wedding! #DestinationAzazie

You can enter in below!

Caseapp cuteness


Shhhh I’m on the phone! Isn’t it mind blowing how we use our phones everyday all day?! Some more than others, but I can promise you we all keep that little piece of technology within arms reach. With my family being far away I love that Josephine gets to FaceTime with them everyday multiple times a day. When my phone rings she claps and shouts “Noni”, which is what we call my mom. It’s adorable!!

Airplane mode

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Ever have those days where you just want to grab your phone swipe up on your home screen, switch that little airplane button on and simply shut the world off?

That was me yesterday.

You know one of those days where sadness just overwhelmingly crashes over you like a wave and you’re too tired to fight it off. You just want to wallow in it and drift off into it. You feel like you’re floating in that deep sea of despair and anxiety.

That was me yesterday.

Express sale


Hey dolls,

If you know me well you know I’m all about a good SALE. Seriously I’m one of those people that can’t walk pass a sale, my husband really loves this!

Anyhow, I found the GREATEST sale on this adorable lavender sweater at Express! Y’all it was $50 dollars and I paid $11.99!!! YES! You read that correctly. It is on sale for $29 and another 40% off on top of that in checkout. It comes in three colors as well. Lavender is a major color this season so I of course had to get it in lavender.