Express sale


Hey dolls,

If you know me well you know I’m all about a good SALE. Seriously I’m one of those people that can’t walk pass a sale, my husband really loves this!

Anyhow, I found the GREATEST sale on this adorable lavender sweater at Express! Y’all it was $50 dollars and I paid $11.99!!! YES! You read that correctly. It is on sale for $29 and another 40% off on top of that in checkout. It comes in three colors as well. Lavender is a major color this season so I of course had to get it in lavender.

Its so comfy and has the cutest open back. It is super soft and light weight. This will make a great transition piece. Comfy for cool summer nights but warm enough to wear through fall and winter!

Ps. Are you really a mom if your purse isn’t full of diapers!

I hope you all have the greatest weekend!

Happy shopping dolls,






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