My imperfectly perfect journey



Welcome to my site! I am beyond excited to share my imperfectly perfect motherhood journey with you all. I wanted to create a space that encouraged women and mothers on their journey. Being a woman and a mom is one of the hardest jobs I have ever had, yet the most rewarding and incredible job I am so proud to have. Each day is a new experience and learning venture. I am beyond grateful for the amount of love and encouragement my mom friends have poured into me during this time. Those late night texts and calls have covered everything from sharing stories, laughter, love, and talking each other off the edge. In my experience, the mom community has been overwhelmingly incredible and I hope to share a piece of that love and encouragement with you in my blog.

Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Christine and I am a wife to the most humble and kind man, Bradley. We met in college at Oklahoma State University when I was working on my undergrad in English Education and he was finishing his undergrad in Geology and moving onto his Masters. Can you imagine this Illinois city girl falling in love with a tall handsome cowboy? You should have seen the looks we got when I brought him home for the first time, cowboy hat, roping dummy and all. Or the fact that I am a chronic OCD, germophobe, clean freak and he was a red dirt, rough hands, blue jean man who somehow swept me off my feet. God knew what he was doing putting him in my life, Bradley has been my rock and constant place of refuge for the past 6 years. I wouldn’t want to go through life holding anyone else’s hand. I love that on those rough hands of his each scar and bump tell a story and I get to hold each story in my perfectly lotioned palms. It’s humbling. I would be lying to you if I said it’s been all rainbows and butterflies. Because it hasn’t. Trying to create a life together when we come from COMPLETE opposite worlds has been good, bad, ugly, inspiring, humbling, arduous, but overwhelmingly filled with love.  I grew up in a suburb outside of Chicago up north. Bradley grew up in a tiny town in Oklahoma. To say we came from other sides of the world is an understatement. BUT the biggest similarity we have is the immense amount of love within our families.

Through this love we have created a beautiful life, our life, and it is one that displays dedication to one another in the good and bad.

I want to be transparent with you guys in each blog post because I think we need more reality in a world filled with filters and misleading captions. Although, I do love a good filter that covers my sleep deprived mom face it is important to acknowledge that comparing your unfiltered self to that sets an unrealistic expectation for yourself. I’ve been there, we all have, its easy to find yourself caught up in the images on our news feed. I try remind myself that when comparison begins contentment ends and for every one perfect picture there is a reel of bloopers. I mean have you ever tried to take a picture with a squirming toddler?

Fast forward six years and here we are. So much has changed, and this year especially has been a whirlwind of highs and lows. We moved three hours to Arkansas where Bradley got a job at an Oil and Gas company. I was eight months pregnant when we moved so of course we endured multiple hormonal melt downs. We had our sweet daughter Josephine in June which forever brightened our lives. We had built a house and moved into it when Josephine was 3 months old and I began a new journey of being a stay at home mom. There is so much the baby books neglect to tell you! This is part of the reason why I am starting my blog. We all strive for that pristine motherhood journey, but the reality is some days that’s just unrealistic. The magazine insta perfect mom days do happen. The house looks great, Josephine was an absolute gem, and Bradley comes home to a perfect home cooked meal. But they are also coupled with the hard days where I am lucky to have brushed my teeth and change out of the classic stay at home mom attire. Because that’s reality, our lives are not simply the perfect images we choose to place on a highlight reel with a filter. Learning to embrace the imperfect days and rejoicing in the perfect ones is the biggest lesson I’ve had to learn. Ultimately it is learning that it is okay to have an 80 day, and not every day has to be 100.

I look forward to sharing my rock star moments as well as my total mom fail, my daughter ate dog food this morning, moments with you! I also get a lot of messages about where I purchased something, or what skincare products I am using, or my favorite cleaning tips. You guys will now have the answers to all of these questions in future blog posts as well as any other questions you want to ask me. I can’t wait to share all the things I love with you guys as I discover them. I want you to know that each blog post I write, each picture I post comes from a place of honesty showing the good days and bad days we have as moms. We are human, we need to embrace it, love it, and encourage each other to accept it instead of fixating on changing it.

Until next time dolls





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