Best Seat In The House


Front row or I don’t go. Just kidding, I love live music to much to forfeit a night out because of a bad seat. But why compromise? THIS folks is one of my favorite parts about concerts at Gilley’s. Not only are they free but the best seat in the house is yours to pick! Here’s how it works, take a pro tip.

If the concert is at 9pm get there at 8pm play a few games and get some drinks then make your way back to Gilleys. The entire floor is open for you to choose your dancing spot. The earlier you get there the better chance you have at choosing your spot before the crowd pours in. They also have table tops, some will be VIP and others are open for everyone to stake their claim. There is never a bad seat in Gilleys! You can see the stage from every corner of the room and the bar is centrally located for all your refill needs. Last weekend Parker McCollum put on a great show. Check out my two favorite songs by him THIS and THIS one are deff on my playlist. He has an incredible voice but his raw talent comes from the stories he spews out on the page, as a song writer he truly excels. As a crowd we all danced and sang together, these are my kind of people, the people busting a move and letting every note wrap them up. We laughed together as Pocola gave him a real warm Oklahoma welcome, if you were there you know exactly what I’m talking about! It is always a great time at Gilleys!

This weekend the big 25th anniversary celebration is going down! Come out and celebrate Choctaw with me and enjoy all of the prizes! 

Celebrate Saturday with me and enjoy

  • 25% off your hotel stay
  • $2.50 margs, which are delish by the way!
  • $2.50 biscuits and gravy at the Cafe they make for a great breakfast after your stay or a yummy late night snack. This is where I usually get a walking taco when it is way past my bed time, this weekend I’ll be changing it up and scarfing some biscuits down.
  • From 2-10pm in the Grand lobby they will have free shirts and cupcakes while supplies last


Saturday night at Gilleys they will be having George Straight Experience! This 10 piece ensemble band will be jamming out with us playing some of our all time favorite hits from the King. I can’t wait to see you all there! 


Here’s to dancing the night away and wearing the new off our boots.

Outfit Deets

Top, Boots, Shorts are amazon!



Christine Jackson

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