Fall Bootie Sale


I have been on the hunt for a simple perfect fall bootie that was great quality but didn’t break the bank! And sis I found it, I’ve got you covered!

This bootie is so cute and neutral, it can match everything. I love that it has a real pointed toe but keeps it shape! I also was on the hunt for a bootie with a zipper not a slip on, most slip on booties stretch out in the ankle. I snagged this $140 bootie for $45! Total steal! Or as I like to tell my husband “a deal you can’t pass up” But really you can’t!

I saw the bootie as I was scrolling through Nordstrom Racks site and had to have it! Here is how you can snag this bootie OR ANYTHING you purchase online for $25 off! It’s a completely free service that has changed how I shop. I’m seriously so passionate about Stylust because their company is amazing!!!

1. Set up a FREE account here. Ps. It’s free every month, no membership, no gimmick. Enter code CJ385 when you set up your account in the referral section. Or text this code to Stylust later when you shop.

2. I took a screenshot of the bootie and some tennis shoes I wanted and texted it to my girls at Stylust.

3. They found them, checked the best price, and emailed me a total.

4. I texted back YES.

5. They arrived at my door! That simple.

It’s literally shopping made easy! They have all of my sizes on file but I like to text what size I want the items in, just because sometimes I want to size up or size down, but they will always check that with you! Countless opportunities, see someone wearing a sweater you have to have. Screen shot it and text it to Stylust and they will find it, confirm the price with you, and then you have the option to say YES or no thanks. If you say YES they handle the rest. My card is on file so I can shop on the go effortlessly. It’s pretty incredible!



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