Fairly Sweet


Fair Fun. Honestly if we are keeping it 100 the thought of the fair is fun for me. Every year I fantasize about that moment when that sweet Godly goodness of cotton candy meets my lips. But then reality slaps me in my face. The crowds, the insane amount germs, the copious amounts of sweat pouring because its still 100 in Arkansas. Ya feel me? It’s truly a love hate relationship, the fair and I. Maybe that’s why it is only once a year, they give ya a year to forget the insanity of it. And a year to long for the sweet moments tossled in there. Bradley is the fun parent, thank heavens Josephine has him to take her on all the rides. She had the greatest time, all she could say was “can we go again, please again?!” and so they did over and over making memories. It was truly sweet.

My dress is from HERE, it’s currently 60% off! Josephines two piece outfit is from HERE. I will say this, both aren’t steller quality. Like your not going to get a hundred wears out of each piece. More for cute pics, an event, night out. These aren’t closet staples they are inexpensive pops of fun!

Photography is by Brooke Sloan who knocked it out of the park.

Josephine has two different color eyes! It sure is one of our fav things to look at.

Hope you all make lots of memories this fair season!




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