Stylust. The Game Changer in shopping


Hey babes,

If you are reading this then we are indeed kindred spirits because you love a good deal when you shop! So let me fill you in bestie about the service that has forever changed my life! I’m slightly upset I did not come up with this company idea on my own, its BRILLIANT! It has totally changed the way I shop for anything.

Ever been scrolling through insta, pinterest, facebook, literally anything online and think that’s so cute I need that, yeah I know tots me all the time, I feel you. Now when you see that cute pic all you have to do is send Stylust a screen shot via text message, they will find the products for you, text you back with how much everything is, you approve or deny it, and then boom it arrives at your door. That SIMPLE! Their personal shopping service is FREE and literally handles everything. You create a profile with your sizes so its all on file for them, but they will always verify before ordering. I can not stress to you how easy shopping with them has been, literally game changer! Not to mention you can text and they always reply so promptly! Their customer service is out of this world sweet and the convenience of not shopping just browsing is life changing. No more going on the hunt for that cute top you saw. Hello, every busy mom, woman, man of the house who loves him some pinterest, all said amen ! 

Stylust loves shopping as much as we do so for your first order of ANYTHING of $50 they are giving you $25 off. That’s 50% OFF!!!! Just text them code CJ385 when you go to order. First make sure you go online HERE and set up your profile, it takes five minutes and then you are all set to get your shop on! 

Y’all know my obsession for Lack Of Color hats is very real. Like sis is over here trying to grow a full blown collection! So of course when I saw a new style out I texted my girls at Stylust and they found it online, sent me a text verifying size, and I couldn’t have replied YES any sooner. Boom they ordered it and took care of everything. I even had a question about needing to know when it was going to be delivered because I was on vacation at the time, they tracked it down for me at the post office and told me it needed signed for.  Even on vacay I could still relax because their team did the work for me. 

I snagged THIS hat by screenshotting a pic I found on insta and sending a text! That easy.

Ps. Right now lack of colors has a deal going on $10 off your purchase with code FB24HOURS. So text that code, plus mine, when text Stylust and double save! That’s $35 off your hats! Which is literally gold if you follow along with Lack of Colors because they rarely go on sale. You could do this also with any retailer, Y’all know I am here for a good deal. SO keep that in mind CJ385 + whatever sale is going on is extra money saved!


Happy Shopping loves! I want to see what you all are getting when you order so tag me or message me your goodies, I might need to send over a screenshot to my gals @stylust and snag some myself!


Until next time


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