Randy Rogers Rapid Fire


Kind people are my kind of people. These are words to live by, and Randy Rogers Band surpasses this. I was blown away with how incredibly humble and kind every single person was. From the moment we walked onto the bus the band and crew were so inviting. Their team is one of the best, 17 years and the same 5 guys who wholeheartedly love what they are doing, a group of lifers in the music scene. Their new album Hellbent which was released in April is making it’s way into everyone’s speakers, check out a couple of my favorites “Anchors Away” and “You, Me and a Bottle”.

Their show was nothing short of outstanding, which is to be expected when this group of creative, talented masterminds get on stage. They have crafted the skill of interacting with their audience while jamming out, you feel like you are one of their friends, not just a spectator, as they sing the songs that have been an anthem for so many moments in our lives. As the show came to an end Randy was hugging and high fiving each member. The final song wrapped and they stood together arm in arm and took a bow. Their respect for one another and their fans is a priority, and it shows, its spills out on the stage and into the crowd. It was a cool moment to witness, to see their mutual love and chemistry as the show came to an end that evening. Yet, it is something I know undoubtedly crosses the barrier of the stage and finds its way into their daily routine as a band. It is a way of life for them. They have been in this together as a team and will continue to do so as a brotherhood. I am excited to show you another segment of my Rapid Fire Artist Series with Mr. Randy Rogers himself, lets get to know the artist behind the songs that we all crank up.  

Chevy or Ford?


Boxers or Briefs?


Salty or Sweet?


Atwoods or Tractor Supply?

“Tractor Supply” The band then debated whether they even have Atwoods in Texas. 

Early bird or Night Owl?

“Both, I run on about 4 hours of sleep a night” Randy is the last one to go to sleep and the first one to wake up on the bus.

Summer or Winter?


Dogs or Cats?

“I have both” but Roxy who is a Bengal cat seems to be the favorite. “She’s basically a dog” he says.

Cholula or Tabasco?


What song are you currently jamming to when you get in the truck?

“Merle Haggard always” Randy shows a Merle tattoo he sports on his arm  

What is something you wish people knew about you?

“I’m a great cook”. Randy does a lot of the cooking when he is home. He also enjoys watching cooking shows with his wife Chelsea (who is an absolute stunner) when he is home.

Out of tonight’s set list which song is your favorite to play?

“In My Arms Instead” Randy wrote this song himself, which holds a special place in his heart. The coolest part about performing this song he says is “watching people dance, hold each other, sing along. You can see how much this song is a part of the fabric in their lives”. 

Y’all are always golfing when you travel, so who is the best golfer in the band? They had played at a local course, Hardscrabble Country Club, prior to their Fort Smith show.

“Les Lawless, our drummer” who Randy also says, “has the coolest name in country music”.

What is the best part about road life?

“Hanging out with my friends, the comradery that we have, 17 years and 5 guys we have been through it all together.”

What is the hardest part about road life?

“Missing my family. Tonight was meet the teacher night for one of my daughters, she’s going into kindergarten and I missed that”. I’m sure you all Facetime a lot “yeah we do, Facetime works about 80% of the time”.

Make sure you catch RRB at their next show! Raise your beer, grab your dance partner, and fall in love again.

Outfit deets from the Show

SHORTS, BOOTIES, BELT is a thrift store find, and TOP is an older Lululemon, and EARRINGS.

Until next time loves,


Christine Jackson





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