Stoney LaRue at Choctaw Casino


Live music is one of my ALL time favorite things in life. Truly, I could sit and listen to an artist for hours. I love watching pure talent and relentless passion pouring out across the stage as it fills a venue. It’s like a marvelous ear piercing title wave that crashes over you, consumes you, and fuels a good night! One of my all time favorite venues to catch a great band is Gilleys, which is located in the Choctaw Casinos in Pocola. Bradley and I love to go and listen to great music, enjoy drinks, and play a few slots or table games with our friends! I promise you can find us dancing at a concert at least once a month there! We love live music, it’s our thing.

The Stoney LaRue concert was just that and more, an opportunity to witness authentic talent and have a great night. Bradley and I enjoyed the show, danced to our favorite songs, and loved getting to hang out with Stoney and the band. Stoney was a rock star, dedicated to his music and fans, and passionate about his sweet pup blue. He was opinionated in his conversations, and authentic in his discussions. His bass player Keith Hanna, better known as Kiko, was a true gem. His peaceful and welcoming presence truly radiates amidst a group. He is one of those people that can captivate a conversation with his eagerness to get to know you; it was a refreshing breath of genuine kindness. 

Lets get to know Stoney Larue


What song are you currently jamming out to? When you get in the truck what do you turn on? “Sugar Magnolia by Grateful Dead, well really anything Grateful Dead.”

What is a secret you have been keeping from your parents from high school? “I shot Grandpas German rifle when he was deer hunting.”

Chevy or Ford? “Ford”

Boxers or Briefs? “Boxer Briefs”

Salty or Sweet? “Salty and Sweet, I’m into those chocolate covered pretzel things.”

Atwoods or Tractor Supply? “Atwoods”

Mexican or Chinese? “Mexican”

Cats or Dogs? “Neither, animal lover completely.”

OSU or OU? True fans you already know the answer, “OSU!!!!”


Lets Get to Know Kiko


Chevy or Ford? “Ford”

Boxers or Briefs? “Boxers”

Salty or Sweet? “Salty”

Atwoods or Tractor Supply? “Tractor Supply”

Mexican or Chinese? “Mexican, But I live in Austin and the Asian Cuisine is amazing!”

Cats or Dogs? “Dogs (Kiko was loving all over Stoneys dog Blue when we first got onto the bus). But really turtles” (as he proceeded to proudly show me videos of turtles he saw snorkeling once)

OSU or OU? “The Ohio State university of course!”

We finished the night with my favorite, walking tacos! Seriously when you go to Choctaw Casinos make sure you snag one of these yummies! I swear they sprinkle magic dust on them, or maybe it’s the fact that I am undoubtedly supposed to be in bed at this point instead of stuffing my face that makes it taste AHmazing!


Until the next time out babes




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