Training Your Hair


Hey babes,

I’ve gotten so many questions about how I have trained my hair, what I did, and what products I use. So let me spill the deets on how I can go anywhere from 7-10 days without washing my hair!

First and foremost this is not an over night quick fix coming at ya. I am also not a professional hair stylist, this is just what worked wonders for me, personally. Train your hair now and before you know it your hair will adhere to it’s new way of life without batting an eye. Kinda like how if I put my feet by Bradley he just rubs them now without even thinking about what he’s even doing. It’s a learned behavior and here we are 8 years later, he’s basically brainwashed. Feet on lap equals rubbed, hah! So let’s brain wash your hair boos!

Here’s what my hair looks after it’s been in a bun all day after not being washed for 10 days, using dry shampoo twice, and curled twice within the 10 days.

LESS is more! Literally. Less is more. In the beginning of training your hair it’s not going to be fun, but stick with it. Go an entire week without washing your hair and no dry shampoo. Make this week the week of pony tails, braids, ball caps, and buns. It’s just a week, you can do it. Then after 7 days wash and try to do another week of it and continue this process. Week two, add in dry shampoo every other day at NIGHT or as you feel is needed. I use THIS dry shampoo. But because I’ve trained my hair for the past two years I only use dry shampoo about twice within 10 days. The key here babes is to stick with it!


Day One: Usually a Sunday for me. I wash my hair with THIS shampoo and THIS conditioner. I use THIS after my shower to protect my hair, I absolutely love this stuff. It’s a gem, smells amazing, helped my hair so much, and helps you brush all those knots out after you wash. Don’t let the price tag detour you, a bottle lasts me a year, no joke! 3-4 sprays and you are set. I also use a pea size of either THIS or THIS as a heat protectant, only on my ends. I let my hair air dry and then go to bed. I hardly use a blow dryer anymore. But if you are needing one, I use THIS one. And y’all it is worth every cent. I’ve had mine for 6 years and can dry my hair in 4 minutes and 47 seconds, literally timed that bad boy. It’s a rock star and knocks it out so fast!

Day Two: I curl my hair. I use THIS curling iron and became obsessed after one use. It holds my curls incredibly well! I can go almost 3-4 days without touching my curls up. It gets hot fast and works like a charm. I also use a straightener to straighten my ends. After I curl my hair I use THIS oil on my ends and bangs. I love this oil because it’s light and airy, not greasy, and doesn’t hold my hair down. Once again, don’t let price detour you, going on two years with the same bottle of oil! I use two hairsprays. I use THIS hair spray all over my hair. And THIS one to add texture and grit, which I only apply on my ends, spraying upward. Bradley loves the second hairspray, whenever I wear it he always asks what perfume I have on, it smells soooo good.

Day Three through Seven:

Here’s where your case will vary. For me at this point because my hair basically doesn’t produce oil I don’t really use my dry shampoo anymore, maybe once. But before my hair was trained I would use it every other night after my first wash. I apply it at night to my roots to let it soak in and work it’s magic while I sleep. Like I said, THIS one is my favorite. Now because my hair is so trained I use my OIL every night on my roots, because my blonde highlights need the moisture. I also brush my hair every night upside down working from root to ends distributing oil. They even make special BRUSHES that do this. However, I use THIS brush and love it.

Day Seven or Ten

Depending on how long I go without needing my hair washed it’s either a week or 10 days. Personally, my hair has SO much more volume and grit after a few days. I prefer to not have fresh washed hair before night out or an event because it’s flat! But by day 10 I’m ready to lather that baby up. So I use my homemade easy deep clean paste. I use my shampoo and baking soda. Mix together in a container, rub on my roots all over my head before I shower, let it sit for 10 minutes or longer, I’ve gone 30 minutes before because you know #momlife Josephine needs something and I can’t shower. When you get into the shower, that paste will lather up with a little water! Massage your roots and really work in a good lather and then rinse out. Follow with conditioner and you are all set for a week of fresh locks. I do the deep cleaning DIY shampoo paste about every other week or once a month. Just depending on how much “build up” I’m feeling on my roots. It also leaves your hair so shiny and soft!



Hope this helps all of you loves out!

Here’s to not washing our hair all the time, because who even has the time these days.



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