Traveling Clean


We hit the beach for some much needed R&R so I thought I would share with you how I travel as a clean freak. Right now, more than ever we should be taking precautions but I can tell ya, minus the masks this is my pre COVID travel routine. We like driving over flying any day with Josephine. We leave in the middle of the night so I can put her to sleep at home and then move her to the car and she sleeps half of the drive. Car is already packed and ready to go, travel essentials below.

Germ Killer & Preventer

These are items I always keep in our diaper bag and they are a def a life line while traveling. I always have a travel sized bottle that I put my thieves cleaner in! Pre COVID I would wipe the table down at restaurants, clean seats before Josephine sat in them, grocery carts, you name it. But now this trip we didn’t really use the cleaner as much since we didn’t go out anywhere. Hand sanitizer, this spray is EVERYTHING! I can easily spray any surface down, Josephines hands, my hands, something drops on the floor give it a quick spray. I also have a large bottle of this hand sanitizer to use for our hands, it’s hydrating and smells good. The spray though is the MVP, I order 20 at a time so we always have some. When we got to our condo I sprayed every door handle, light switch, remote, phone, anything we would possibly put our hands on, even the shower I sprayed! I also pack a small canister of Clorox wipes for anything that needs sanitized and cleaned. I also used these to clean down the condo, basically everything I sprayed I wipe as well.

Snack Bag & Weekly food

I grew up with a mom who always had our snacks packed, we never got gas station snacks. It is way more cost effective and you can pack healthy options if you pack your own! Gas station food and snacks always lead to the candy aisle… hah! Instead I pack fruits, nuts, beef jerky, sunflower seeds, healthy trail mix, and our waters. Since we drove I was able to meal plan prior to our trip. I placed a Walmart pick up order and washed everything, cut and prepped, then packed it in the car. I used this bag for all our food and then this Yeti for our cold items, like almond milk, more fruit, and almond yogurt. Eliminates the need to go to a grocery store once you arrive.

Bathroom Sitch

Alright lets get real here. Y’all know I am a germ freak and public restrooms are basically my living nightmare. SO ya girl would much rather take a turn off onto a back road and pop a squat on Gods green earth or use a pee cup in the car before I went into a gas station. Josephine is so used to peeing outside since we are at the ranch working its nothing new to her. Pop a squat pee, wipes are in the diaper bag, and use the car trash to dispose. Easy and done! Traveling at night also helps us not have to stop since Josephine is passed out. Also right now the less I have to see people or come into contact with strangers the better. Being pregnant during COVID just makes me 100 times more cautious than before.

Car necessities

Latex gloves for getting gas

A bag of disposable face masks if we needed to go anywhere

Hand Sanitizer. Spray and bottle. Travel bottle to pack cleaner

Trash bags. I always have a roll of the “doggie bags” or diaper bags in my car. Wrappers, wipes, literally God knows how much trash kids come up with has a place.

Also random mom hack. I use one of Josephines muslin burp cloths to rest under her chin when she falls asleep in the car so that way her head doesn’t keep falling forward. Also something I always keep in the diaper bag incase she snoozes and her falls down.

Mom hack! Always a win to keep her little head from falling forward. Obviously please use with caution and ensure you use as a rest and your child can breathe.
Quick lunch pit stop! I packed two bags of chips, Josephines first ever Cheetos at 3 and sister was loving it!

Hope this helps you guys as you make any safe summer trips!



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